Shorncliffe sits abandoned in a corner of Kent, covering over 200 years of our history, from a Napoleonic Fort, a World War 1 Training Trench System up to the mid 20th Century. It sits on top a wooded hill, overlooking the English Channel and a green valley, it is part of a chain of defences protecting this country from invasion for Centuries.

The Shorncliffe Trust will continue its mission in saving this important site by:

Educating the wider public about its historical importance;

Organising fundraising events, talks, displays and visits to secure the site and its future;

Be at the forefront of commemorations' and celebrations of our heritage.

The funds raised will be used to further these aims and to establish a museum, visitor centre and public amenities for generations to come.

The Shorncliffe Trust is a Registered Charity No. 1152185.

"Shorncliffe is a precious piece of the larger "mosaic" that makes up British History.  Anyone that values history must see the importance of preserving Shorncliffe. It's about heritage and it's about respecting the efforts of those who toiled tirelessly- and continue to toil tirelessly- on  our behalf, preserving, not only our nations"'present " but also its "past"."

Christopher Summerville - Historian and  author of March of Death.