Shorncliffe Lectures Vol.1

//Shorncliffe Lectures Vol.1

Shorncliffe Lectures Vol.1

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Volume 1 – Coote Manningham’s Shorncliffe Lectures of 1803 and the Origins of the 95th Rifles.



The “Universal Soldier” capable of thinking for himself rather than blind obedience was created under General Sir John Moore as Shorncliffe in Kent. This was the model for the British Army for the next two centuries.

Using original sources and the first lectures at Shorncliffe in 1803 by Colonel Coote Manningham of the 95th Rifles (44 pages), this volume explores the development of light infantry from 1755 in both Europe, America and West Indies to the eve of the Peninsular War in 1808. In addition there are biographical notes on 46 military officers, chronology of the Light Infantry Regiments (43rd, 52nd and 95th Rifles) and the 60th Rifles that became famous in the Peninsular War (1808-14) and in America (1812-15).

The origins of the 95th Rifles is traced through the biographies of their original officers including Colonel Coote Manningham and Lt. Col. Sir William Stewart, Rifleman Education and Regulations, early British Rifles and the Ezekiel Baker Tests.


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