The Shorncliffe Trust

The Shorncliffe Trust is working towards creating a unique Heritage and Education Centre dedicated to the history and legacy of the modern British Army from its birthplace, Shorncliffe.

Shorncliffe has been on the frontline of this country for over 200 years and has a unique history that is tied into world history events from the Napoleonic wars through two World Wars. It is rare to find one military site in the world that has influenced and changed so much about the way today’s soldiers fight and operate on battlefields in the 21st century.

The Heritage Centre at Shorncliffe will examine the Garrison’s military history and the impact (both social and cultural) the army camp made over the centuries both locally and internationally.

Shorncliffe has welcomed nationalities from around the world and in this corner of Kent, hosted royalty and leaders from across the world.

Our Goal

To achieve our goal, the Shorncliffe Trust is fundraising to secure one or more former military buildings which lie adjacent to 35 acres of former military training ground which surround the Shorncliffe Military Cemetery.

The land contains significant heritage assets including a Napoleonic Earth Redoubt, two Martello Towers and First World War Training Trenches.

In setting up a dedicated Heritage and Education Centre; complementing the military collections contained inside the buildings, the Trust will offer immersive heritage experiences showcasing much neglected heritage assets and bring them to life for visitors from around Britain and overseas.

The Shorncliffe Trust needs to raise approximately £1.5 million through donations, grant applications, as well as through specific high profile events.

The Trust is approaching patrons and supporters of British military history and heritage to become donors to the charity. We are currently working with commercial stakeholders such as tourism and travel companies who are promoting our aspirations and creating income for the Trust through heritage tour clients.

The Future?

Without your help, there might not be a future. Support us in any way you can to preserve this important heritage – Make History, Save History.

‘Shorncliffe is a precious piece of the larger “mosaic” that makes up British History. Anyone that values history must see the importance of preserving Shorncliffe. It’s about heritage and it’s about respecting the efforts of those who toiled tirelessly- and continue to toil tirelessly- on our behalf, preserving, not only our nations’ “present” but also its “past”.’

Christopher Summerville – Historian and author of “March of Death.”