Educational Statement:

Shorncliffe has been enveloped by local, national and world history for over 200 years. Thousands of ordinary people from across the world have during the course of these two centuries come to Shorncliffe and its surrounding area. They have lived, loved, worshipped, fought and died at Shorncliffe

The Educational vision for Shorncliffe is to provide all who come here with an immersive experience that deepens their awareness of the significant local national and world events, in which Shorncliffe has played a part. Through this experience, the student, visitor or researcher will be encouraged to question their own thoughts and previous conceptions, hopefully encouraging them to develop new ideas and theories. Using a cultural approach, the story of the community that resided within Shorncliffe Camp, the world in which they lived and their impact during the course of 200 years will be told.

Stephen Head
Educational Lead for The Shorncliffe Trust