The Shorncliffe Trust is currently planning numerous high profile fund raising events over the next 5 years. Shorncliffe has a unique history that is inseparable from world history events and their effects on ordinary people

Educational Tours

For more information on the Shorncliffe’s Trust escorted tours please visit our Educational Tours page.

Escorted Tours

Dunkirk Tour

From May 26 to 4 June 1940, Dunkirk was the stage of the largest evacuation effort in military history. 338000 Allied soldiers were evacuated on a flotilla of more than 800 ships. Join us on the Dunkirk Tour. Find out more here.

D-Day Heritage Tour

D-Day – 6th June 1944 – The landing of the Allied troops the assault phase of operation Overlord, was launched this day. The objective was to create an Allied bridgehead in Normandy. Find out more here.

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